Today's workouts was focused on Crossfit but I finished with a few rounds on the bag.

April 13, 2015 Crossfit and Muay Thai workouts

I've decided to keep track of my workouts over the next few months as I start to train for my next fight at the end of June. Over the past month I have added 2-3 Crossfit workouts into my routine and I have to say I feel stronger and faster.

Today's Crossfit workout focused on back squats, something I haven't done for at least 4 months. I felt a little tired so I didn't push too hard but I found my 1 rep max and its 165lbs. I am sure I can go heavier. The workout itself wasn't too bad but I suck at toes to bar and that slowed me down a lot. I could only do ten and then I did 20 v-ups. I guess I know what I'll be practicing before next class!! To see the full workout check out the photo above.

After an hour session at CF, I biked to my muay thai gym (it's five minutes away, so convenient!!). I did a few rounds of shadowboxing focusing on footwork by keeping myself moving, pivoting, whatever only pausing to throw a combination. After I worked on the bag and focused on boxing, practicing a few combos I have been working on for 3 rounds of 3 minutes with a 1 minute rest in between. After I practiced 100 right kicks and 100 left knees (my left foot is all banged up at the moment).  I did 50 more knees then did some more shadowboxing, this time with weights. I finished my workout by using a resistance band strapped to my feet while I practiced two minutes of roundhouse kicks on each leg.

Today's workout was pretty nice and I did it at about 75%. Not every workout is going to be 100% and today I just wasn't feeling it. There is always tomorrow!!

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