Tools of the trade
Cyril Roman

Here is a list of tools i have learned and used in my technology class.


  • Edmodo - is an instructive site that takes the plans of an interpersonal organization and refines them and makes it proper for a classroom. Utilizing Edmodo, understudies and educators can contact each other and associate by offering thoughts, issues, and supportive tips.

Edmodo is a free leaning system that students and teachers can join and check up on their homework and to be able to have teachers email them or their parents about homework that is due on the upcoming day.The calendar in edmodo keeps students on track with their homework, Students can upload their homework assignments on edmodo, and text alerts to students about big assignments from their classes.


  • Remind is a tool that teachers can send you emails or text alerts about homework that you missed and that you need to do on the upcoming day or week.Remind is a free way of teachers texting or emailing students or their parents phones if they don't have a email to share.

The way you can use Remind101 is by first go to the website above sign up and put you teacher's name and give the teacher your email or phone number to text or email you to remind you about tests,quizzes,and homework due for that teacher.The benefits are that teachers can text safely to parents or students about their due homework or projects that they missed .

  • is a website that you can create info graphics about one of your classes or to do for a project about numbers and some other stuff that require you to create graphic organizer's to separate information and picture's to something that you are studying for in class. benefits are that when you have a group study you can refer to all of the study with a infograpic organizer by yourself or your group that is helping you to study with them or something that you need to do in a class by yourself.  


  • Tackk is a website that allows you to create easy webpages for a special event or a ad for your business company you are working for and needs a ad to represent their company.

You can create website ads or pages for a special event or a ad for your business company that needs to spread their company into other sates or counties for more business and money to support people or other needs.   

IB Design Cycle

  • IB design cycle is a website that you can create, plan, evaluate, investigate what you need to do in steps or in order and check them off.And to evaluate anything that you don't understand.

The IB design cycle let students evaluate solutions in response to challenges.And you can create a step process of how to grow plants or how to fix a car that is simple to hard to fix by yourself.But there are 4 steps to follow to complete it and show other people how he did the steps and fixed the car or how to plant the flowers or other type of plants.

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