Battle of Brown's Mill

By: Hannah Minix

           The Battle of Brown's Mill was fought on July 30th in 1864. The battle was fought in Coweta county, Georgia during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War.

               In the beginning, Edward McCook was supposed to attack the Anderson Prison Camp with Stoneman to free the 32,000 prisoners there. When Stoneman didn't show, he called off the raid and returned back across the Chattahoochee River. He tried to return his division to the main army, when they were attacked near Brown's Mill. This occurred 3 miles south of Newnan by Confederate cavalry with Joseph Wheeler as their commander.  

                In the end, the Confederacy left with a victory. McCook's division was awfully defeated with a loss of 1,285 men and 1,200 horses, as well as 100 men killed and wounded. Wheeler had only lost 50 men.

              Stoneman"s defense had also ended with disaster. General Stoneman became captured and put to prison. The Battle of Brown's Mill had changed the course of the Atlanta Campaign. McCook had taken his remaining forces northward toward Tennessee. He had fought with distinction during the rest of the war. The lesser defeat at Brown's Mill was a great plummet on his service record.

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