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And here is what I did to deserve it. I thought of 24 creative lesson plan ideas with OneNote and put them all in a Sway
1. Round up the usual suspects
Aim: past simple and past continuous
Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate
Time: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: Create collaborative OneNote Detective book, download Camscanner and Toca Hair Salon Me or this wWindows 8 Toca Salon app
Create a OneNote collaborative detective notebook. Have a section for each criminal case you are about to investigate and a different page for each witness questioned signed by all the detectives working on the case. Use Camscanner for attaching digital signatures on the official reports.Divide the students into pairs. Assign roles of police officers and witnesses. Brainstorm yes/no questions for the witnesses. Have students practice asking and answering questions in pairs. Was the thief tall?Were his clothes formal?Use OneNote to leave audio notes of the interrogation. Once the students finish the audience have them create an image of the suspect and attach it to the page. The suspect wore a wig and accessories so he/she wouldn't be recognized, so I suggest Toca Hair Salon Me for creating thief images.Here is what my students look like after their hairdos

2. CIA Secret Files
Aim: past simple and past continuous
Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate
Time: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: Create collaborative CIA OneNote notebook, install sketch app, Flipgram and Aurasma
*extra finger scan app
This is a speaking activity. Students will create a file on a criminal case but they have to make their files secret. Create a sketch of the word CONFIDENTIAL and attach it to the CIA OneNote Secret Files, that is a new collaborative notebook with a section for every student's CIA case. To make the files strictly confidential students will only attach the sketch.Next they need to create a video of a strange CIA case of let's say people disappearing at lunch and reappearing at dinner time. Use the same or a different sketch and add voice to it with Flipgram. Now comes the fun part. Use Aurasma to overlay the confidential sketch with the video. That way only detectives would be able to listen to the the reports. If you haven't tried augmented reality in your classroom yet you are missing a lot. See how fun it can be. And what may seem a OneNote notebook with sketches only can hide lots of secrets. Make it more fun with this finger scan app Once you place your fingers on the screen it tells you what you are wanted for according to CIA files

3. Habits of a Hobbit
Aim: present simple
Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate
Time: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: Look for qool in the app store and install it , create a collaborative Middle Earth OneNote notebook*extra download Hobbit app
Brainstorm a list of your habits. Use Windows 8 application qool for brainstorming .
Now imagine you are the hobbit Bilbo Baggins for a day. Write about your habits as a hobbit. Create a Middle Earth OneNote notebook and add a section for each hobbit.ex. I am having friends over in my hole. I am a hobbit today so I'm not wearing socks or shoes...To make it more fun add Hobbit photos with this app

4. Be Pirate
Aim: the verb be
Level: pre-intermediate
Time: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: Create Ahoy Matey OneNote notebook that you'll use for all the pirate activities explained bellow, share the Post Like a Pirate site with your students via Edmodo
Procedure: Your students are about to produce some pirate language. Use some of the pirate words to learn grammar. Use arrr instead of are and aye instead of I. Complete the notebook with audio recordings of the students using the forms in a sentence . Find and download our Be Pirate clip art here.

5. Treasure Hunt
Aim: grammar revision
Level: any level
Time: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: Create a collaborative Treasure Hunt OneNote notebooks. One shareable notebook for each password. Add your grammar questions in the notebooks and create QR codes using Visualead . Print the codes and leave them throughout the school and yard.
Create pirate hats and eye patches for your students. Here is how
Procedure: Give your students these instructions:Though you are pirates and half blind, there is a treasure you need to find. For the journey you don’t need ships,you just have to listen to my tips. There are four clues to the ” yes”, and four passwords you need to guess. The first password is in the room with pots and cups, plates and knives, food and drinks, the place of wives. The second password is just behind the front door. There are only stairs there, nothing more. The third password is where you wash your hands, even the kings walk to those lands. And the fourth password is in a place covered in snow, but soon some flowers there will grow.
Go back to your classroom and do the grammar activities in OneNote. Once they have answered all the questions unlock the treasure

6. Letter in a bottle Aim: Future simple tense Level: pre-intermediate Time: 20-25 minutes Preparation: Create a Letter in a bottle OneNote notebookProcedure : Students create a Letter in a bottle OneNote notebook with a section for each. They will write a letter to their future selves. They should write about how they see themselves in ten years time. eg. I will be married and a mother of two. Get a sharing link from the notebook and use Letter to Future to send the notebook to their email addresses and set a date after ten or more years. Keep the notebook in one drive just in case the letters never reach them. Make your students mermaids and put some letters in plastic bottles and save the bottles till they finish school.

7. Not
Aim: comparing with not
Level: pre-intermediate
Time: 20-25 minutes
Preparation: Create a Not OneNote book and download our presentation here
Procedure: Add the clip art from the presentation copy past to the OneNote notebook and add audio of the comparisons. Example: Red Riding Hood: "My grandmother's nose is not ans bis as the wolf's nose." Narrator: "After eating the eat me cake Alice was getting smaller and smaller. As addition add links to the objects to the films Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland.

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