South Korea travel guide

South Korea backround

South Korea's neighboring countries are North Korea, China and Japan. In South Korea the most common languages spoken are Korean and English. South Korea has a population of 50 million people and the major city is called Seoul. South Korea has a humid continental climate and the longitude and latitude are 37.5500*N,126.9667*E.

South Korea Cultural Experiences

South Korea's most common food is rice and kimchi also known as (김치). South Korea's national clothing/costume is Hanbok which is known as (한복) in the Korean language. The country has a ceremony called the tea ceremony where people meditate. The national music is called arerang which is a common song in South Korea. In South Korea the festivals are mostly similar to other countries. They celebrate festivals such as Christmas, Valentines,and New Years.

Historical/Current Issues

South Korea's current issue is the ferry sinking. Students were on a high school fieldtrip on the ferry. The sinking left about 300 people dead. There are still almost 100 people missing and some were found alive in the ferry.

One of the important historical events was when the two governments claimed to be the government of all Korea. This historical event divided Korea into two separate countries, North Korea and South Korea.

Helping the country

Travelers can help the country by recycling and not throwing garbage everywhere.Travelers can help the economy by purchasing goods and food. Travelers can take bus tours so it uses up less gas and makes less pollution.

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