Bellator, a Greek and Roman Inspired Community

By: Bates Gall, Maka'la King, Payton Smith, and Zachary Stith

About our Community

Our town is named Bellator, which is the latin word for warrior.

This is the location we have imagined our community in.

Target Market

The people that we want to live in Bellator are young and old families. That is the market we are aiming for, but we welcome young couples and senior citizens with open arms. The reason we are aiming for this market is because the layout and what is actually in the town is geared towards family life. Ex.: convenient, safe, etc.  


Our group would like to present our 2015 modern community inspired by the Greek and Romans.


Our assignment was to plan a Greek and Roman inspired community. We have included lots of ideas and inventions from the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greeks in our community.                               


#1 Math

In our community, we will use:

-Euclid’s textbook

-The studies of shapes


-The Pythagorean Theorem

-The math to building pulleys

-The math designs for the catapult

These things will be needed in our community so people can become smarter about math, and also to understand it better.

Rome didn’t have any real contributions to math but our community will have what they helped out with.

-The hand-abacus(a handheld calculator)

-Roman numerals

-The alphabet

These things will make peoples lives easier. For example: the hand-abacus will make math a lot quicker instead of doing it in your head. Z.S.

We would use Euclid's textbook to teach geometry to our students.

#2 Science

In our community, we will use:

-Military weapons


-The study of animals

-Study astronomy

These will help our community excel in science. Z.S.

#3 Architecture

In our community , we will use:


-Greek columns

-Roman arches




These elements will take are community to the next level of architecture.P.S.

#4 Art

In our community , we will use:

-Roman mosaics

-Roman statues



These pieces will add fun, colorful pieces to our community. P.S.

Roman statues are more detailed and more realistic.

#5 Government


-A Democracy




-Checks and Balances


This is a basilica. Early on they were used as government buildings. We would use the same architecture for our government buildings.

#6 Law

-Written laws




 These things will keep our community in order. B.G.

#7 Entertainment

  • Greek
  • Theatre
  • Plays
  • Comedy
  • Tragedy
  • Fables
  • Epics
  • Romans
  • Stadium
  • gladiatorial contests
  • Festivals
  • sports contests

We put a theatre in our community because like we do today the Romans found joy and happiness in watching plays and comedies. We put a stadium in our community because thats where the Romans would watch sports and gladiator races, again, like we do today. M.K.

For the theatre in our community many Roman and Greek elements will come into play.


In conclusion, we are creating a modern 2015 community inspired by the Greek and Roman cultures. Our community is efficient, everything is close by, and you have everything you would need to live in our community. As we mentioned early, there are touches of historical elements but that doesn’t make our community not modern. It is a modern community with Greek and Roman twists that add a unique flare to this small, but modern community.


The roads in our community are inspired by the Roman Road system. The roads in Rome connected every part of the Empire together. It would be the same idea in our community.  

Town Square

There are two main roads in our community, one horizontal, and one vertical. Where they meet will be the town square. It is the welcoming place for Bellator. There will be a park with a playground, and recreational fields and courts.

Home Styles

Home Materials

For our homes we needed a durable material that would be able to withstand the climate of our community. With the ocean so close we need a material that can resist the salty air. Hardie Plank may be just what we are looking for.  It is like the "new wood." It looks like wood but is durable in any kind of climate. An extra bonus that comes with Hardie Plank is that there is a limited warranty.

This is Hardie Plank. It comes in many colors and styles.


The apartments in Bellator are modeled off the Roman insulae. But we promise you that they will be more luxurious, clean, and not as crowded. Since this is a relatively small town we are only imagining two to three apartment buildings. This goes along with the market that we have geared this town for; most families want to live in single family homes.


Bellator will have the top of the line metro system that connects all of Bellator. There will also be busses that will be very affordable if you just have a little ways to go. Lastly, we will have taxis for those people who prefer them over buses or metros. Cars will also be allowed but will not be the main means of transportation since are community is relatively small.

These metro lines will go all over our community.


Safety is the number one priority in Belabor considering that are target market is families. We will have a fire station, a police station, and a hospital.

Even our hospitals have a Greco-Roman feel to it.


In Bellator, we have a full school district. From K-12 grade. They are all close by to the homes and walking distance from the ocean. They are convenient, affordable, and most importantly safe for the kids.

Our schools will still have that old world charm.


In Bellator there are many shops that can accommodate all your needs. There will also be services to fix all your problems.


Bellator will supply foods and restaurants for people living in the community. Our community will have fancy restaurants, casual restaurants, and fast food restaurants. There will also be other places like Greaters, Starbucks, ect...

We will have fancy, authentic Greek and Roman cuisine as well as fast food restaurants

Why you should move to Bellator:

Bellator is an oasis. It has everything any family could possibly need. The homes are durable and stylish, and the school district is one of the best. The ocean also adds such a fun feature. If you are a young family looking for a safe, affordable, fun community to live in, Bellator is the place for you.

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