The Life of a Cow

The life of a cow starts at birth.  

Once a calf is born, on a beef ranch, it normally stays with its mom for about 4 to 6 months.

Once the calf turns that age it is either sold or kept on the farm.  Also if the calf is a male and the owner wants to castrate it, it is normally done in the first few weeks of the calf being born.

At 15 months old a female calf is ready to be bread.  

Once the calf has been decided to be kept it will be grass or grain fed.  Grain feed calves reach their optimal size at 18 months while a grass fed calf reaches it's optimal size at around 3 years.

Once a cow reaches the optimal size/weight then it is sent of to the slaughter house to be made into the different cuts of meat or the different products made from a cow.  


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