The Myanmar Flag and Map

You know you will have fun in Myanmar. Myanmar is also known as Burma.  

The Weather In Myanmar Is Gorgeous

As you can see Myanmar has gorgeous weather. They have a tropical and humid climate. They have three seasons. The first is the wet season. It lasts from May to October, the next is the cool season. This season lasts from November to February, and the last is the warm season. This final season lasts usually from March to April. 

Tourist Attractions!

This attraction is called: Mahamuni Pagoda. Its nickname is the golden rock. It is called this because it is an all natural rock that is covered in gold. Many people believe that a powerful hermit hit thousands of years ago and it was put here before his death.   

Myanmar is covered with mountains and white sandy beaches. The most accessible part of town in Myanmar is in the dead center. They have many towns and an unbelievable amount of pagodas. In addition to everything else the Buddhist people are extremely warm and comforting.  

Myanmar is famous for their historical temples that are a lot of fun to explore and roam throughout. Myanmar is also famous for their natural resources such as rivers, sandy white beaches, and beautiful mountains which are huge tourist attractions.

Myanmar is interesting because they have many natural resources and incredible tourist attraction. Also as I mentioned before the Myanmar people are extremely nice. They would give you the shirt off their back.    

Around 90% of everyone in Myanmar is Buddhist. Then there are 4% of the population that is christian. They converted to Christianity because when the British took control they had to follow their religion and some people agreed with the Christian beliefs.    


Myanmar's official language is Myanma Bhasa. For 32 million people this is their first language. For 10 million people this is their 2nd language. Most American's refer to this language as Burmese. As you can see the Myanma Bhama language aka Burmese is a very popular language.   

Fun Things To Do In Myanmar

One of the activities they do in Myanmar for fun is play soccer just like many other countries. Kick boxing is another fun activity that they do. They also have martial arts, armed combat which is just like kung fu, and they also have cricket. Besides being active you can visit museums, relax on the beach, and see many famous tourist attractions.  

Cost Of Flight

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Cost Of Hotel

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Meal Cost

Probably $100 a day but you would eat like a king. For a week it would cost $700 dollars but you could have anything that you wanted.  

Travel In The City

You can walk most of the time if you want to travel throughout the city. If you want to travel far an average cab ride is $10 so it's cheap.

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