My lyrics are from the song " ankle biters " by Paramore, it is a song about why people care about what other people say and you're not their " pet " and you are yourself and  not anyone else's. My lyric's are " fall in love with your self  "  because someday you are going to be the only person you trust and you can't keep letting people put you down and have to stand up and be your self, don't try to follow other people be the leader not the follower . I pick these lyrics because at one point in my life I tried to be someone I wasn't and I almost lost myself . But I noticed the only person I can be is me and no one else. And also don't let people put you down because it's hard to get back up it takes along time but if you find the right friends you will feel good about your life . Like I use to care what people said about me, but now I don't care because I am who I am and that will never change and if people don't like it , it's there problem .

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