What is the Yeti?

By: Cameron Buchanan and Kayla Tillman

Characteristics of a Yeti

The Yeti is similar to Bigfoot. They have both been in existence for 6000 years. The Yeti evolved from the caveman. The Yeti can be found in the Himalayas, china and the soviet union. They are not related to the Sasquatch. Their total population can be up to around 227. Their usual life span is between 120 and 130. They are considered to be carnivorous. They usually have 3 family members. Their natural habitat is in caves. The number of family groups are still a mystery. The male yeti is about 7 feet tall. The female is about 6 feet tall. The male does not live with the family. He mates with the female then leaves her to raise her offspring. The yeti has long reddish/brown hair all over his body to resemble the wolf, tiger and a bear combined. The yeti is commonly found in the Himalayas for about 100 years. The people of Nepal see this exotic creature regularly. This creature is none for attacking anything that looks like it is going to harm it.


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