Michael Rosen

May 7,1946- September 28,2013

   Michael Rosen was born in Harrow, London. He was from a Jewish family. His mother was a English teacher so she introduced Michael to poetry. While growing up he went to many state schools in Pinner, Harrow. At another school Michael attended he met a guy named Jonathon Miller and learned about science, art, and many other things. Around the time Michael was thirteen years old he began to realize he liked writing. He liked trying out different types of writing and tried writing satirical poems about some of the people he knew.

   Michael Rosen studied at Wadham College in Oxford and graduated in 1969. He wrote his first book of poetry for children and it was published in soon time. Rosen established himself with his collections of humorous verse fro children. Such as, "Wouldn't You Like To Know", "You Tell Me", and Quick Let's Get Out Of Here". From a person named Morag Styles he was described as one of the first poets to real look back closely on his childhood experiences. During his life he took tours and they continue to enthuse and engage school children about poetry.