Five Ways To Get the MOST Out of Together

Providence launched a campaign called Together two weeks ago and we have seen a huge response from it. First, thanks to everyone who has jumped onboard and made this campaign great so far. Let’s continue to work together to make it a memorable summer.

Having said that, let’s clarify a major component of the Together Campaign that could be potentially misleading if not discussed. We called our campaign Together with the simple hope to unify Providence around the vision and values that we feel biblically convinced to hold. It is a campaign about doing whatever we do TOGETHER by the grace of God.

However, simply spending time together isn’t the main goal. It is important, it is initial, and it is imperative. But there has to be more!

So here are five ways to get the MOST out of your time together this summer!

Be Intentional

Community doesn’t just happen. In fact, if we don’t make time for it, it doesn’t happen. Hence, we plan home groups. This summer be intentional about planning time to give to relationships with others. Plan it out! Get your families together to go out, double date, make a plan!

As you spend time together be intentional about your time. Have fun by all means, but get to know your friends at a deeper level than usual. Don’t just be near in proximity, be near in heart.

Be Missional

The community of Jesus is inclusive! How can we be “a city set on a hill” if we are always looking for valleys to hide in? Be together with those who have yet to experience the love of Christ as you have. Be missional!

Remember, God has always desired a people to whom AND THROUGH WHOM he could reveal his glory! We are together for the glory of God and the good of others!

Be Thankful

What a gift it is to be God’s people! That isn’t a question, that is a statement. Yet, at times, the people of God seem to be some of the least joyful people to be around. Let it not be so among us Providence!

Let us be known as the most joyful, gracious, fun and peaceful people to be around! When you are together, don’t speak of sin as though it still has reign over you. Speak of sin and Satan as a defeated foe! Speak of God as a friend and Savior! Speak of life as a gracious gift, and eternity as the greatest reward! Be thankful that the gospel is true and Jesus is alive.

Together is not enough, we must be together and counting even the sorrows as joy!

Be Prayerful

When we are together, take the opportunity to pray. I’m not saying every time we spend time together a prayer vigil must commence. Yet, when the people of God are together it is important to acknowledge that our God is among us.

What makes us unique and powerful is not our strength in numbers, but the one number that matters; one. There is one among us that makes all the difference. Moses knew this when he prayed:

And he said to him, “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here.For how shall it be known that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? Is it not in your going with us, so that we are distinct, I and your people, from every other people on the face of the earth?” Exodus 33:15-16\

What makes us distinct is our God, and if he is not with us when we are together, who cares? Good news: he promised to always be with us. So let’s acknowledge his presence together in prayer!

Be Real
It will always be a temptation on this side of eternity to put on a façade in certain circles. We want certain people to view us certain ways. But it isn’t that way with family! With family we are honest, even if it isn’t pretty.

The church is the family of God, shouldn’t we be real when together?

Don’t spend time creating a false sense of self in the community of Christ. Don’t feel the need to lie or mask insecurity. Be real, but be real for a purpose.

Sometimes we use the idea of “being real” as an excuse for “being sinful.” Yes, we are sinful people in need of grace. But being real isn’t about being shamelessly sinful. The people of God acknowledge their brokenness, but strive for godliness. They don’t live static, stiff, fake lives, but honest, humble lives. Be real this summer and every day beyond it.

How can you really know unconditional love if you aren’t really presenting the true version of yourself to those around you?