Scenario #1

Bulling cause people to do many things they should not do. Like kill their self, hang there self, burn, and many other things that are not good. If you are one of those people who bully than you need to stop because many people are not doing things that they should not do. Please STOP just because people are not the same and act the same as you that does not give you a reason to say and do hurtful things. People end up doing crazy things to their self when others put hurtful things on websites, say hurtful things and bully.

#2: Facebook Scenario

If you are watching someone getting bullied the bully just keep on doing it and continue to hurt their feelings. You can tell the bullie to stop and not let them hurt the others feelings. You will show others that they need to stand up for the other people that are being bullied. They will then know that they need to stop bulling others and it is not a good thing. If you are bulling please stop because others are hurting even killing their self's.