Maize was originally cultivated by Native Americans living in Mexico. The original type of maize that was used was a wild grass called teosinte. Teosinte was not like the corn we know today because the kernels were smaller and they were not fused together. As the Native Americans began to systematically cultivate this teosinte, eventually, the plants began to grow cobs like the corn we know today. Eventually, the cultivation of corn spread northward to other Native Americans. Corn, beans, and squash became the main foods for the Native Americans in the New England region.

One way that maize was eaten in these times was as corn tortillas. The link below shows a recipe for a traditional Mayan corn tortilla.

Another way corn was eaten was as cornbread. The link below shows a recipe for cornbread that has more modern ingredients but would still taste similar.

Corn recipes have evolved so that today, there are many ways to prepare corn. The link below shows a recipe for a more modern dish with corn.

Maize had many influences over the Native Americans. Some of their gods were dedicated to maize and many tribes also had a Corn Dance. As maize spread to Europe, it became a staple crop for the poor because it was easy to cultivate. The movement of corn from the Americas to Europe integrated corn into many people's diets back then and still today as well.

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