My 7th Grade Experiences

Top 10 Moments

Chuzzlewit's Visit

10. My tenth favorite part of my 7th year was when Chuzzlewit visited. We did a road of trials with Chuzzlewit. We had 7 minutes to do many different challenges that were related to Anthem. We had to make a crossword puzzle on a scrabble board, build a lego truck without talking, make shapes out of paper that we have never heard of, and climb through a tube structure while holding hands.

Outsider's Day

9. My ninth favorite part of my 7th grade year was Outsiders' Day. We read The Outsiders' and watched the movie too. That led up to Outsiders' Day. We all dressed up like characters from the book. We were either Socs or Greasers. The two groups faced each other in many challenges. The greasers ended up winning.

This is a picture of my class on Outsiders' Day.

First Day Of School

8. My eighth favorite part of my 7th grade year was the first day of school. It was one of my favorites because I got to see my friends again; not for educational reasons. I found out that I was in most of my friends classes. I met my teachers then also; Mr. Kowalski and Mr. Peterson were my two favorite.

Radio Plays

7. My seventh favorite part of my 7th grade year was when we did our radio plays in reading class. We had to create a radio drama that was around 5 minutes long. We could use a few props to make sound. My group used a train whistle, books, and a turtle caller.

To make sound, you take the wood stick and rub it down the frog's back.

Awards Night

6. My sixth favorite part of my seventh grade year was awards night. On awards night, people are honored for achievements. I got a certificate for a 3.5 to 3.99 GPA. My friends got awards for 4.0 GPA's, band excellence, Power of the Pen participation, Science Olympiad participation, and citizenship awards.

All the awards at awards night were customized.

Winter Break

5. My fifth favorite part of my 7th grade year was Winter Break. On Winter Break I stayed home and played in the snow everyday. On Christmas Eve I went to my Grandma's church for the service. When we got home, I went to to bed so I could get up early. In the morning, I woke up my sister and mom to open presents. After we opened presents, we went to my Grandma's house for more presents and dinner.

Cedar Point

4. My fourth favorite part of my 7th grade year was going to Cedar Point; it was my third time. When I went to Cedar Point, my uncle got us fast pass plus's. My uncle and I went on everything at least once. My favorite rides were The Maverick, The Millennium Force, and The Gatekeeper. We went on each of them three times.

Monsters Game

3. My third favorite part of my 7th grade year was going to a Lake Erie Monsters game; it was my first time in 6 years. I went to the game with my friend Max; his little brother Will, was being honored because his team won a championship in hockey. At the game, we had seats next to the ice. The Monsters won the game. It was really fun.

Spring Break

2. My second favorite part of my 7th grade year was Spring Break. On Spring Break I went to Disney World for the 6th time. At Disney World I went to all the parks; We went to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. My favorite rides at Disney World included The Tower of Terror, Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Roller-coaster, Mount Everest, and Space Mountain. We also went an endless game arcade. My favorite game there was one where you design your own roller-coaster and ride it.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel, was based off of a Twilight Zone episode.


A cool activity we did in reading was TED talks. TED talks are basically celebrities talking about issues that really make you think. For each talk, we had to fill out a paper in groups. Then, we shared all of our ideas about the issue. Many of the discussions got very interesting.

1. Camp Mowana was the best part of my 7th grade year. We did many activities at camp. A few were fishing, boating, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag in camouflage, and the nature hike. At camp we stayed in cabins. They had no heat or bathrooms. We went to a bath house to do so. During our free time, we mostly played frisbee, football, and gaga ball. Gaga ball is a game played in an octagon structure. The players can only hit the ball with their hands. You have to block or avoid getting hit by the ball below the knees or you lose. The last one standing wins.

This is a picture of the dining hall at Camp Mowana.

More Reading Activities:

In Reading class we did many fun things. The following are a few more activities.


A variety of celebrities talk about common issues, that really make you think.


Another fun activity we did in reading class is Newsela. Newsela is a website where you can read articles and take quizzes on them. Newsela also allows you to annotate and highlight important details.

And Then There Were None

One of our class books that we read was And Then There Were None. Everyone in the class read the book and created a file folder to go along with it. The file folder contained the suspected killer, dossiers for every character, and other detective handouts. This was a very fun murder mystery activity.

My Core Class

A la carte

Lunch- During lunch you get to sit wherever you want. There is a lunch line where you can get burgers and daily specials. There is also a snack bar where you can get a variety of food. While eating you can watch sports center on the tv's.

Soccer- One of my extracurricular activities was travel soccer. You have to go to Kenston and you have to tryout to make the trial team. The team faces other schools in Ohio. It is very fun to travel and play games against other teams.

Survival Tips:

1. Always be nice no matter what.

2. Make new friends in your classes.

3. Work hard in school. That means always study and do your work, no excuses.

4. Respect all the teachers.

5. Have fun.  

A Note To Incoming 7th Graders

7th grade is not an easy A. You always want to try your hardest. It is better to do more than expected and get a few points off, than not doing all your work and definitely get a bad grade.

Mrs. Seitz art class was very fun. In art we did two different projects. Our first project was the mandala. Our second was the one point perspective room. During the projects we did a few notes and watched videos on the topic to help us understand them. We also did a pre and post drawing of a giraffe. Our post drawing was a lot better than the pre drawing. Overall art was very fun.

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