Beth Manville Perkasie PA - Tenorman Boyfriend

Terrence Hamilton places many late night phone calls to his girlfriend in Seattle. Many of these phone calls come from the East Coast, especially from New York. Thanks to the three-hour time difference between the two coasts, his Seattle girlfriend says that they are not too great a burden – although she does like her sleep.

"I really miss you," he begins most of these phone calls. She recognizes his voice, even when the call has roused her from a deep slumber. "I miss you too," she replies, sleepily.

From there, Terrence Hamilton begins recounting his day, which can only be described as typical of most working jazz musicians. He is a tenor sax player who at present is with a quartet led by fellow reedman Jean-Claude Foyette. "I love being a jazz musician," is one of Hamilton's constant refrains. "I don't think I could have been anything else. And a lot of it is really great. But I really don't like being on the road anymore. Do you know what the worst thing about it is?"

"Being without me?" his girlfriend asks.

"Well, that too," Hamilton replies, momentarily caught off guard. "But I was going to say that the worst thing about it is getting to the gig. Once I get there, and start playing, it's great."

Terrence Hamilton's girlfriend is Beth Manville, who says her most memorable late night call from her boyfriend was the one he placed from Perkasie PA, her hometown, when he played a gig there. The couple met when they were in their early twenties. Both were students at the University of Washington, where she studied anthropology and he majored in music composition. She later switched to law and today is a lawyer in private practice. The two stuck together through her tumultuous marriage, now ended, and their relationship has endured in spite of his constant traveling. Or maybe, Beth says, because of it.

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