Who called the hero to adventure? How?

- The mouse. It woke her up, and also showed her the way to the door.

Who will be the mentor? Is there a mentor's gift?

- The mentor is Miss Miriam Forcible & Miss April Sprink; They give her the scope to find the missing eyes.

What threshold did the hero have to cross? Was there a threshold guardian?

- The door leading to the new world; Wyborne

Road Trials

- If Coraline wanted to stay in the new world, or go back to her old one.

Who recognizes the hero as a master?

- The cat sees her as the master becouse he was the only reLl one that stayed with her the entire time.

Are there any faithful companions recognized along with the hero?

- The cat was a really good companion and also her friend from the real life and her closet life.


Hero- Coraline was the hero in the story becouse she had to find all of the lost peoples eyes.

Allies- The cat was one of her allies, he stayed with her thought her entire journey and helped her find the eyes.

Mentor- Coralines mentors were the old ladies in the movie. Because they gave her the scope to find the eye balls.

Castle- It was her room becouse it is where the door is and also where her place of safety is.

Haven- Was also her original world, becouse the mother was crazy and it was a safer place.

Friendly Beast- Was the cat, becouse it one of coralines good friends.

Magic Weapon- Was the scope, it helped her find the missing eyes that belonged to other people.

Battle Between Good and Evil- Must be the fight that coraline had with her mother about staying at the new world and sewing on the bottons for eyes.

Damsel in Distress- Was caroline becouse she has to go against her mother to get her normal life back.

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