Senior NCGP Product
Does Access To Condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

Interviews of the Nurse and Teen Mothers

In my interviewing process I asked the teen mothers about their experiences of having and preparing for a baby and then I asked the nurse questions about what she seen while encountering with the pregnant mothers she had seen come through her door at the Pregnancy Center.

Working On Booklet and Video

I'm typing my booklet where you can see it under this picture and I'm working on my interviews to upload them on

My Completed Booklet(each page is shown)

In my booklet titled "Does Access To Condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy?" it shows you a summary of what was said in each interview that I taped, the graph of a survey I took based upon students, and how all of my findings relates to my research paper.

Survey of Questionnaire Along With Graph

I surveyed a 126 students at my school (Nash Central High School) during lunch based on 5 questions that you can look at in the picture that reads "Student Questionnaire" which deals with sex. The bar graph that you also can look at by clicking on the picture with the graph represents the 126 students who participated in my 5 question survey that I did to get you a different look.


My checklist shows you what I have already done or completed and the timeline shows you the dates I did my interviews,survey, booklet, and when I finished uploading all of my pictures/videos on

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