Top 5 Basketball Shoes

5. Kobe 9 Christmas elite

I like these shoes because they are comfortable and they have ankle protection. I also like them because they are colorful and they represent Christmas by their color you should get one.  

Jordan-melo m10 black atom   

I like these shoes because the black and orange combination looks cool. And the shoes looks good on everyone so you should get one.

Jordan Flu game 7

Jordan flu game is a original and sentimental shoes because the shoe means a lot to micheal Jordan because that was the game that he played while he was sick.

Air Jordan 11 BlackVarsity Red White

I like these shoes because i like dark color like black.And the mixture of black, red , and white  looks cool on a Jordan shoe


Lebron 11

I like these shoes because it has nice combination of colours
and its pretty good for basketball and very comfortable.
It has a very good grip for basketball.

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