The Fate of the Humanities

Nicole Zarate
Period 5
February 20, 2014

In today's society, the main question is whether taking a Humanities course in college is beneficial or relevant for our education and future. Is humanities contributing to our society of competition or are people way too focused on future employment which declines the study of Humanities? Questions such as these hold the fate of the future studies of Humanities.

Structural Functional

  • "Humanities should be highly valued because without eduction our whole system would be dysfunctional."- Anette Gordon Reed
  • Mix humanities with career-oriented majors in order to benefit future employment- Anthony P. Carnevale
  • Humanities can be applied to pre-prosseional trainings- Daryl Michael Scott

Social Conflict

Some believe that humanities is not contributing to employment for our futures

  • Emphasizing on the economy crisis

Without humanities we would lose our value in education and without education there is no economy

Symbolic Interaction

By remembering our history, we will be able to reflect on our future in order to shape and create a better economy.

Humanities helps us understand our society and how it functions.

In my own opinion, I believe that the study of Humanities should still be valued no matter what. By studying the humanities we are learning how to uplift the human being in order to be the best that we can, therefore without the humanities we have a higher chance of losing morals and values that are important in our society. Without prior knowledge of our history, it would be difficult to uphold our system today. Our history contributes and shapes the modern society into better decision makings in order to hold down our society.

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