A perfect reflection on UTA
Cody Lanham


   The other day I went to the amazing college that is UTA. Just the campus was beautiful.  My first thoughts were, "wow, this campus is humongous!" However, this was not the field trip I was expecting, it was cool, but it had its ups and downs. First off, I did not enjoy sitting on my butt bone the whole time, but the science show made it worth while. Fire always cheers a group of 7th graders right up!

The college questions that were asked weren't anything I didn't know, for the most part. The people that were explaining college seemed funny but I honestly zoned out. The science show was interesting and I cheered on Jeremy when he walked on the stage. I was depressed we did not get an actual tour of the campus. No matter where you are lunch is always fun. If I could go on this field trip again I would plan the weather better. At the end of the day I did have a great time at the campus that is...UTA.

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