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Men and Women can do the same things...

Skills you half to have in order to do this job:Architecture and Construction-Carpenters  $22.06 / hour

less than 2% of women are carpenters

-Graduate from high school, or earn your GED. If you can take carpentry classes in your high school's shop program that's a good starting point. Strong math and computer skills will be helpful.

-Contact your state's board of labor or industry, and inquire about apprenticeship programs in your area. Most are operated by unions or trade organizations, and large employers in some areas operate apprenticeship programs in-house.

-Apply to one or more apprenticeship programs. Admissions and placements often depend on the local need for workers, so you might have to take a position outside your immediate area or wait for an opening in your community.

-You'll work for three to four years as a carpenter's apprentice, learning the skills you'll need to practice the trade. For each year of the apprenticeship you'll be required to work at least 2,000 hours in hands-on carpentry under the supervision of journey or master carpenters, and spend at least 144 hours in formal classroom instruction.

Typical Work Tasks

  • adhere to safety procedures.
  • operate woodworking equipment/machinery.
  • use basic carpentry techniques.
  • use basic plumbing techniques.

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