The Moon's Importance
Brad Ragsdale
8th hour

The Moon is vital to us for MANY reasons. One of the main reasons being that it is the thing that controls our tides. This isn't a vital thing, but it is one of the main parts of solar, and lunar eclipses. If we didn't have the moon, we wouldn't have high tide and low tide.

The moon has phases because the alignment of the Sun and the Moon. There are eight of them. We have moon phases because of the moon's alignment with the sun, and the Earth's shadow. They affect us because we see different phases of the moon. The moon has some beautiful phases.

There is only one word for the reason why we have tides. Gravity. The moon's gravity causes the water to move. Low and high tides occur because the moon's gravity makes the water flow the opposite direction.

There are 4 types of eclipses. There is a total solar eclipse which is where its practically night. There is a partial solar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse. Last but not least, a partial lunar eclipse.

The moon is here because we need it for tides. If we didn't have it, the tides would be messed up. The moon is also the sign of a romantic night. These are reason of the moons importance.

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