Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Under The Sun has been creating beautiful handmade paper wedding invitations for world. We invite you to view our massive range of Designer Invitation Paper, Wedding Invitations and Wedding Invitation Accessories. If you would like to have a look over our range of wedding invitations online, please take the time to view our ever-expanding online gallery of wedding invitations. We understand that every wedding invitation is an individual reflection of your tastes and style. This is why we give you the following options with regard to our involvement in the production of your wedding invitations.

Our many invitation designs are custom tailored by paper style, font, layout and size. Each component of every invitation can be ordered individually or as a group. If you like the idea of saving money but just don’t have the time, we will gladly send you a complete invitation package that includes; invitation, reply card, reception card, direction card and envelope ready to be stuffed and addressed at home. If you want to add matching thank you notes, programs and place cards, we have you covered.

Old world wedding invitations are ivory, white or ecru but new world versions are every color of the rainbow. Silver and gold are frequently used as the theme colors for contemporary designs but pink, aqua and lavender are gaining in popularity too. Colored inks are also en vogue, with brown ink on pink paper the favorite for wedding invitations at present. Choose the color to tie in with your personalized theme.

Our large number of our wedding invitations is made from recycled paper, but we thought we'd create a category in itself, featuring some of our favorite Eco friendly recycled wedding invitations. The best part is that style and design have not been sacrificed in our range of recycled wedding invitations you won't believe how good our designer recycled wedding invitation paper looks.

The fashion runways provide fresh ideas and trends for future marriage and event invites including visual prints in dark & white-colored, wealthy and creamy neutrals, wealthy teal and impressive red, plus plenty of romantic endeavors for the future season.

Striking, hot shades are offering approach to genuinely nonpartisan shades in shades of shimmering wine, light field green, snow blue, well off and velvety vanilla or delicate magnolia pink, bringing their complex excellence to this seasons marriage welcomes. Improve your marriage welcomes with glorious metal offer for a sentimental vibe or surprising amazingly brads for a gadget touch.

Cutting edge dim & white-hued styles are hot on the carport and the visual styles make a contemporary, yet customary statement. We adore marriage welcomes introducing rich grayscale bands, accessible in contemporary and customary styles. The 100% reprocessed fine paper scarves match flawlessly with neutrals, tropical splendid or rich conventional shades and make wonderful levels that are secured like an eminent blessing.

Our range of classic wedding invitations feature deckled edged papers and envelopes in classic wedding invitation colors of white and cream prevail ant in these classic wedding invitations. These classic wedding invitations are printed on high textured wedding invitation paper featuring deckled edges and patterns. For more information visit the site .