Me on boat in Andover, summer 2014.

Intro Paragraph:

I like to do things outside especially when it comes to water activities like boating, fishing ect. however usually i am one to be found in my room online playing games with friends or something on the computer. I'm fairly quiet and don't often hangout with friends unless Teamspeak counts.

three things about myself

I like to play PC games online with friends

We tend to play Military sims like Arma

I have also recently started to learn Java using online tutorials and tools to make server plugins for Minecraft.

Three goals of mine

3 of my goals include:

To get a job in computer programming - I have started with Java already, making plugins for Minecraft servers however soon i wanna start making java apps that aren't built off of someone else's code in this case the developers of Bukkit.

A closer goal is to get into Tech or a college and expand my knowledge of coding and lean other types.

And my final goal is to make at-least decent money with this knowledge by making applications built to either entertain or help do tasks.

A place i would like to visit would have to be Las Vegas just because i would want to see the Pawnshop from PawnStars which is one of few TV shows i actually watch and enjoy, but once there im sure there is other interesting stuff in the area.

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