Joel Jeffrey 7H digital photography

value teamwork

I  went on pixlr to edit the photos and I  got the non photos from the internet we did teamwork to show them what to do.

we have two team players trying to get there way around there opponents and there showing good teamwork passing the football.

I have added yellow background and the word teamwork also the black border.

the football player in the air is just about to get stopped by his team-mate from hitting the ground hard so that's showing teamwork.

I have added effects to make the photo better and the word teamwork.

geelong was getting ready for the game so the captain talking about should they do.

I have did effects to the background to make it more better and the word teamwork in green.

we have a dog lifting the other dog up to get the burgers for them.

I have added a yellow and blue filter and the word teamwork in purple

I have a team of parachuter's making a circle

Here I have added red yellow and blue filter and the word teamwork in blue.

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