GCSE PE Fitness Testing

This afternoon you will:
know about components of fitness and relate them to a fitness test
assess fitness levels for use in an exercise programme
understand what is meant by resting heart rate, working heart rate and recovery rates                          

Starter: Watch this video clip and name the correct component of fitness for each clip.  Write your answers down on the paper provided.

  • Use the ipad to record your resting pulse rate and make a note of this on the paper.
  • Complete fitness tests and record them next to the component of fitness you think it is testing.  You can discuss this with a partner to get the right answer.
  • When you have completed the 12 minute run you must record your pulse rate.  This is your working pulse rate.  Every two minutes after the test check it again and make sure you record the results.
  • Use the socrative app on the ipad and enter room number 221619.  Answer the questions based on what you have learned this lesson.  When you have finished give the ipad to another person to have a go.  Please do not tell each other the answers.

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