Pakistan by Matthew &Grant
Physical Features

Lake Saiful Muluk

Ayubia National Park

Clifton Beach, Karachi

Human Geographic Features

Badshahi Mosque

Mohatta Palace

Lahore Fort


The nicer and fancier hotels in Pakistan range from high $100 to lower and mid $200 a night. Example: the Avari Hotel Lahore is $215 a night.

A nice and clean hotels in Pakistan range from $75 and higher to lower $100 a night. Example: Hotel One Gulberg($110) or Beach Luxury Hotel($75)

A clean and sleepable hotel that is cheap are around $50 dollars a night. Example: Hotel Sehwan Divine is $43 a night

Places To Eat

1. American Food- Pakistan has over 20 McDonalds which serve American food

2. Chinese Food- Pakistan has many Chinese restaurants to choice from. For example, Golden Dragon(serves any type of Chinese food you want)

3. Middle Eastern Food- has authentic food such as hummus and dolma. Restaurant Example is: The Monal Restaurant and Khiva Restaurant

4. Italian Food- has many Italian foods and restaurant. Example, Pompei Italian Restaurant Karachi(serves all authentic Italian foods, like pizza and pasta)

5. Mexican Food-Pakistan has multiple Mexican restaurants. An example of a restaurant is the Loca-Authentic Mexican Cuisine(serves real authentic Mexican food)

Places for Olympic Events

1. Ayub National Stadium- holds 75,000 people and is superior to most stadiums in Pakistan

2. Jinnah Sports Stadium- holds 48,000 people, and can be used for multiple sports. It also has a track and field in it

3. Gaddafi Stadium- holds 65, 000 people and can be used for multiple sporting events.

4. There are a lot more stadiums that could be put to use in Pakistan that could easily help the Olympics.

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