Large Variety of Handmade Decorative and Art Papers

Under the sun store offer a large variety of handmade decorative and art papers on our site like silk papers, floral paper, leather papers, printable papers, parchment paper, and textured papers, natural and non-woven recycled papers.

In addition to the wide variety of handmade decorative and art papers we also provide handmade paper cards, journals, notebooks, wedding invitations, wine bags, gift bags, boxes and scrolls gemstones and beads. Our affordable hand crafted and attractive documents and products are developed and developed only for our store. If you are looking for customized document or product in a large general amount please contact us with your particular demand.

At under the sun store, you will be delighted to see a compelling variety of handmade paper products, paper bags, and labels, stationary and corporate gifts.

The variety of papers available here includes plain bond papers, silk papers, metallic papers, batik design papers, leather papers, embroidered papers, gel print papers etc. Handmade papers are preferred and encouraged, as they are eco-friendly and recyclable as they don’t require the use of wood as raw material. More inspiring is the social benefit, as the labor intensive business also generates employment. Papers can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

The store additionally practices is paper packs, which are hand crafted to suit customers' necessities regarding shapes, outline and hues. One can likewise browse a cluster of readymade condescends in plain view. Under the sun store has numerous diamond setters, boutiques, doctor's facilities and corporate on its customer rundown.

As an organization, Under the Sun bargains in a tremendous determination of conventional things and administrations from everywhere throughout the world. Our specific is hand made report and archive things. We spread and offer the finest hand made record accessible in the business. As a result of its outlandish and unadulterated look hand made archive finds programs in wedding welcomes, sacks, welcomes and workmanship/specialty programs in schools and industry. Under The Sun can likewise aid you in your design and print requirements for your projects utilizing our creation.

Our hand made report is totally eco-accommodating. We offer 100% eco-accommodating, timber 100 % free and corrosive 100 % free report. High quality archive is made out of 100% cotton, silk and agro waste without demolishing plants in our regular forests supplies.

Under The Sun, hand made report, is eco-accommodating hand created record, where no timber or timber sorts are utilized, indicated by the woman with earthen pot. We likewise convey hand made workmanship report boxes for adolescents and A4 or letter size welcomes hand created archive good with PC photograph printers.

The feature that makes handmade paper popular is that they reduce the burden on trees and cut down paper-making pollution. They are produced with the highest possible consumer waste which is recycled and is not bleached with chlorine or any other chemical or dye. Handmade paper are perfect to be used as guest books, gifts, personal directories, etc. For more information visit the site .