Skinceuticals – The Number One Brand For All Your Dermatological Issues

The skin treatment business has definitely become a crowded market in today’s era. More and more brands are coming up with a wide range of products and solutions that you can try on but trust me, not all of them will be good for your use. This is why it is always better to know which brand is the ideal choice for the treatment of your precious skin and which should be steered clear of.


Many people cite the name of this company as an example of a classic American success story. Founded in 1997 by Alden Pinnell and Russell Moon, the brand’s corporate debut was a roaring success. Such was the popularity of their products that the company was quickly bought out by L'Oreal Group and subsequently placed under the management direction of their Active Cosmetics Division. The brand now has its headquarters in Dallas and now has a distribution network that spans the entire world and covers as many as thirteen countries. Today, this brand is marketed by a specialised channel of professionals that includes cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, exclusive spas and of course a network of online venues.

Breakthroughs and achievements of the company

Ever since the Skinceuticals brand was launched, there have been many revolutionary product lines that have hit the market under its name. The company has a dedicated research and development wing that extensively works of coming up with cutting edge dermatological solutions that are safe, effective and side effect free. In fact, the company is now known for the safe and mild formulas which generate extensive results and can help in treating a variety of skin conditions.

This company was the first to pioneer the development of topical ascorbic acid antioxidant serums, creams and lotions. Products that head off the premature aging process, before free radicals can effect tone and cause wrinkles. You would say today that this theory is followed by almost every skin care brand but the innovation still owes credit to the Skinceuticals brand. Success always fosters imitation and you can say that this company is responsible for bringing forth a revolution in the skin care and cosmetics industry.

In fact, even today, there are many new breakthroughs being made by the research team of Skinceuticals. Ferulic Serum, now popularly known as the super antioxidant, was first recognized for its amazing properties and skin healing potential by the product designers of this company. In fact, the company is now working on a product with antioxidants that can actually protect the cell nucleus. The next revolution in the world of skin care is just round the corner and the name Skinceuticals is going to be at the center of activity, yet again.

Purchasing Skinceuticals products

There are many ways in which you can buy these products, both online as well as offline. You can find them at your local drugstore as well as with dermatologists and skincare professionals. Or you can visit from and purchase Skinceuticals products at the best of prices.

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