You might inherit a disease from a parent through your genes.


You get these diseases according to how and where you live.


You get these from where you live and your surroundings.

Genetic Disease

Cleft Lip and Palate

It is when your lip is cleft or other parts of your face are. These are inherited and you can't get these from your environment or lifestyle.  

You get it by abnormal face development.

Infants can have feeding problems. But it isn't fatal.

It is treatable and can be cured with a simple Cleft lip and Palate repair.

Lifestyle Disease


Obesity is when some one has excessive weight problems.

It is caused by eating too much and a lack of physical exercise.

Obese people can suffer from breathing problems, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, blood pressure problems, ect.

Yes if you work out and watch your diet and your lazyness.

Environmental Diseases

Lung Disease

Lung disease is when any part of the lungs do not function correctly.

It can happen from air pollution, which is very bad in places like India so there it would be more likely to get the disease.

It can lead to reduced lung capacity and risk of early death.

It can't be cured but it can be slowed down.