Engaging Apps for Education

Why use apps?

Using educational applications can help both the teacher and student learn from each other. These applications can help and assess what the student knows thoroughly because they are creating a product instead of completing a handout. There will be less paper to grade, teachers!

Here are some applications to start off with!


Instead of taking just notes on paper students can use Popplet! Popplet allows the notes to evolve as the students learn.  The students are connecting what they are learning and creating a thinking map along the way.

  • Having students use Poplet allows them to take more accurate notes
  • They keep them on their IPADS
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • There is no more, “Miss, I lost my notes.”
  • TodaysMeet

    TodaysMeet allows the students to have a place to ask questions and teachers to modify instruction based on feedback.

    Google Lit Trips

    This applications allows the literature to come alive for students because they can travel to the locations they are reading about.

    Best Books for Tweens

    Since students have their IPADs they are able to download this application to create individual reading lists and find out what they like without hassle.


    Wonder if students grasp the material they were taught or read... Have them create a short video about it!

    It is a fun way for them to learn about Creative Commons (Pictures without copyrights) and how to depicts what they learned.

    Remind 101

    Teachers, are you tired of students not turning in work or parents not cooperating with you?  There is now a solution, Remind 101! This application provides a safe way for teachers to remind students and parents about assignments and meeting. Just imagine if you start this at the beginning of the year, the less headaches you will have!

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