Day 2
What makes an event Significant?
What is Perspective?

Who is Dan Brown?  Why is the Napoleon quote important?

What are your significant life events? (5 from Day 1)

What makes your events significant?

After the outbreak of First World War he supported the Dardanelles Campaign, an operation against the Turks. He had encouraged the development of such weapons as the tank, and was generally credited with the British Fleet's preparedness in August 1914. But abortive expeditions to Antwerpand Gallipoli and the failed action at the Dardanelles did great harm to Churchill's reputation and career. Reduced in 1915 to minor office as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, he resigned. Churchill rejoined the Army, and rose to the rank of colonel. In 1917 he was appointed Lloyd George's minister of munitions, subsequently becoming the state secretary for war and air (1918-21), and colonial secretary (1921-22). During the post-war years he was active in support of the Whites (anti-Bolsheviks) in Russia.

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History (True or False??)

August 18, 2014
Write the book definition and then draw your own symbol of each definition:

Term:                                                        Book Definition:                                   Symbol

Reconstruction Era

Thirteenth Amendment

Fourteenth Amendment

Fifteenth Amendment

Act of 1867


Freedmen’s Bureau


(Poll Tax)

(Literacy Test)

Grandfather Clause