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Mrs. Fran Legum

Mrs. Legum teaches Global and AP World History to the 10th grade. She has found tremendous success in utilizing Haiku and the Smartboard in making her lessons interactive and accessible from home, allowing students to review and collaborate.

Here is the interview. I will send you the multimedia in the next email

AF: Hi Mrs. Legum, how are you? Hope you had a nice vacation.

FL: I am doing great thank you. Vacation was nice, the snow wasn't as nice.

AF: I hear that. So,let's jump right into- I know that you have been working very hard to get the most out of technology and integrate it into your class through Haiku. Can you please tell me more about that?

FL: I think there are many benefits to using technology in the classroom. Most of all, it promotes student engagement. My lessons on the Smartboard are all interactive, and the students love coming up to the board for the various challenges and exercises, such as historical events sequencing and vocab practice.

AF: That's really great to hear! What challenges do you face with technology?

FL: The downside about doing activities on the Smartboard is that it can only be done by one person at a time. There is a need to find ways that will allow students to be using such technology at the same time.

AF: I have heard that you have found success in implementing technology within the realm of Haiku and writing. Can you please share with me what you have been doing?

FL: I post multiple choice assessments on Haiku for my AP World class to do in class after they’ve read a chapter. This allows me to get instant feedback on how they did. All essays are submitted to the Haiku dropbox, where I grade them and hand them back online. It’s nice not having to read illegible handwriting!

In my AP class, we use Google Docs to work in groups to develop charts on various civilizations as well as creating Google Slides that are shared with the rest of the class.

AF: This sounds phenomenal! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me.

FL: Pleasure is all mine

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