Innuitian mountains is a great a region to live in. It has icy mountains that stand like icy watch towers. The Innuitian Mountains present form was shaped during the Innuitian orogeny in the middle of the Mesozoic era when the North American Plate moved northward. The Innuitian Mountains contain igneous and metamorphic rocks, but for the most part are composed of sedimentary rock. Some mountains are over 2500 m in height.


There are no trees or wildlife in the Innuitian Mountains due to the harsh cold climate as well as being located north of the Arctic tree line. This region is mostly barren with vast areas of permafrost. It is too cold for any plants with temperatures sometimes averaging -30 degrees to -35 degrees Celsius in January. You really cant do much stuff because of the harsh weather in the innuitian mountains. Not much could occur in the innuitian mountains.

                                                             Human Actives

There's not much physical actives in the innuitian mountains  because of the weather and when the weatgher in -15 to -20 what  actives can you really play but there's a couple actives. Such as sightseeing, snow mobile, hiking dog sledding and  hunting.                                  

                                                             vegetation  and soil      

The vegetation in the innuitian mountains is mostly tundra and is located above the tree line. The vegetation is really bad because its to cold so trees cannot  grow in the tundra. Most of the tundra has permafrost so you cant grow any fruits or vegetables.

Innuitian Mountains


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