February Conference

By,Oscar Mckaig;)


On my SRI I got 701 and I needed 600 so I  did pretty good on that. I am on grade level.

I need to work on my poetry.

On my dust of snow I got 6/10.

On my Let it Snow I got 7/11.

On my leader packet I got 9/10.

I did good on my vocab review. I got 12/12.


On my persuasive  writing I got a 3. I think I need to work on this.

On my settlers and indians I got a 4.

On my news ELA I also got a 4 on it. I did good on that. So I'm mostly advanced.


On a long division quizzes I got 10/10. I think I did good on that.

On multiply and divide with 0 and elapsed time I got 4/5.

Also in the unknown numbers test I got a 4/5.

On my times test I'm on my 8/12. I need to work on that.

On my Long division test I got 25/28.


Social Studies and Science

On my chapter 4 unit test I got a 15/18

On my unit 8 test I got a 22/30.

In science I have been learning about fossils.


I think I'm good at finishing my work.

I need to work on not talking less when Mrs. Morgan is talking.

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