End Of Year Project

2nd Period
Karina Velazquez

Persuasive essay

The world is full of different people, some are good other are not, but the question is: Why be a good person? Acting rightly is a matter of doing the right thing. But why should we do the right thing? Some might respond that that’s a silly question, because doing the right thing is simply doing what feels right, but Why? Because the consequences of doing good are more favorable than acting bad.

How do we define a good person? One will say someone who serves the community, others will say those who don't intend to harm anyone, but what if we ask someone who is identified as a bad person? how would he/she answer? Every person has their own point of view, Some think that being bad or immoral can be good for a person, especially when they can “get away with it”, but there are some good reasons for thinking this is false.

The most important reason is that being bad or immoral is self-disrespecting and it can be hard to imagine being happy without respecting yourself. Being good means that while you can be passionate, you can choose what you are passionate about; it means that you don’t let your emotions, desires, wants, or needs get the better of you and make you do things that you will regret later.

In conclusion values and morals can guide your life minute by minute towards better decisions and, noble goals, rather than letting your life be controlled by bad habits, impulses, or even  emotions. You have to know where you are going before you can get there.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure writing this letter of recommendation for Yolanda Rodriguez. I have had the pleasure of viewing Ms. Rodriguez film director/editor development over the past four years, I can state with confidence that she is a motivated and responsible person with a high level of integrity. As such I expect that she will be a very positive addition in your organization.

As a manager at Film & Video Production Company I feel I know Ms. Rodriguez quite well. She began working in a part-time job as an assistant director while she was still an undergraduate. As time elapsed she became one of our best editors of music videos. In this role, she manage to accomplish, with some difficulties along the way.

At the same time Ms. Rodriguez was working as a producer for the Spartan-Student News. The progress she has made is amazing, and show the motivation and skills she counts on.

Based on my observation, she clearly has the ability to achieve success. I there fore highly recommend her to your organization, I sincerely hope that you considered and give her application favorable consideration. If you need any further information about Yolanda Rodriguez, please do not hesitate to ask/contact me.


Karina Velazquez

Manager, Film & Video Production Company

Cover Letter/Letter of Intent

Velazquez-Ortega Karina
25329 Sun City Dr.
El Paso, Texas 68827

May 24, 2015

Margarita Vasquez, Manager at Crayons Day Care

6439 Neverland Dr.

El Paso, Texas 68837

Dear Margarita Vasquez:

My name is Karina Velazquez, and I'm interested in your tutor position, I will like to view the possibility to complete an interview with your company. I am a responsible, hard working, and patient person. I also make sure that all the work I am assigned is completed on time, and with a high quality. I am able to work by myself, in the same manner I am able to interact and participate with other people.

I have acquire experience as far as tutoring fellow classmates, and working as an assistant teacher on the subjects of English, and Math. I have learned that each kid has its own way of learning, in this situation it will require a significant amount of patients and understanding towards the kids. I understand that organization is a skill needed for this job, and I can assure you it will not be a problem.


Karina Velazquez


Karina Velazquez-Ortega


25329 Sun City Dr.


  • Objective

To provide my service to the community and acquire a job that will help me acquire more experience and better opportunities to be a teacher.

  • Education

Lujan-Chavez Elementary School (2006-2012)

Sun Ridge Middle School (2012-2014)

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy (2014-2015)

  • Accomplishments

AB Honor Roll- Sun Ridge Middle School and El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

Certificate of excellence in the English Subject- Sun Ridge Middle School

  • Experience

Tutor at Sun Shine Day Care

Secretary at Place to Grow

  • Skills  

I know how to use Microsoft office (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel, Access)

Speak two languages: English and Spanish

Job Application