why you should live here.

Do want have fresh water, a stable food supply, And walls to keep enemies out for your protection? Then come to Mesopotamia for an great home and wonderful kings they were chosen by the gods you know...


Were located in Sumer we are called Kish with the Tigris and Euphrates river. Every body in are land are peaceful. We are also located by the Arabian desert,And the pwesian gulf, we have great land structure and fresh water we will be happy if you come down here.


3 advantages if living in Mesopotamia is 1:people made dam sand irrigation to block the water from coming in so the farmers could grow plants and food so every body can eat that's why we build irrigation systems to block out all the water from flooding are plants2: Sumerians built walls and moats around their cities to protected them from enemies would you wanted to be protected enemies then come to Mesopotamia 3: You be ruled by the king chosen by the god So he will give use grace and worship to be are ruler if you have a king chosen by the god it has to mean something.

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