An Hour Away From Civilization

by Perla Jorge

disclaimer: i did not take any of these pictures, since we were allowed no technology, but they're of things that i experienced and remember about that day.

I chose to do nature for my project simply because it was something I thought I’d really enjoy doing. These past few weeks-with everything that’s been going on, and this winter in general- have left me wanting to stay inside and not even leave my room for a while. And that’s what I wound up doing most of the time. I rarely even looked out the window. However, I really love nature, and I wanted to get that feeling back. I figured, maybe it would lift my spirits a bit. It might be good for me, to get away from all of the technology and the civilization that seems to be consuming everyone’s lives. I wanted an escape. It turned out becoming something I really needed to do, and afterwards, I was glad I did.

My project is simply, pictures, not of the actual moments I spent in nature-because I didn’t take anything that I could take pictures with, with me-but just some I looked up of that reminded me of my favorite things that happened during that hour. Just pictures.

Some things that I learned from my experience in the woods were: that nature does in fact seem to change according to your mood, and nature seems to put me in a good mood. However, nature changed my mood, and itself along with it. When I first got to Lemery Park and began to walk the trail into the woods, it all seemed gloomy. It had rained, so the ground was damp, it was cold, there were bugs and birds making noise, the paved trail had cracks in it, there were some clouds in the sky, and the trees were just…sad looking. However, as I ventured in further, I began to notice some other things. My mood was changing. The cracks in the path, I noticed, had little flowers growing in them. The sun was coming out, and the light came in through the trees, almost divinely. The breeze…seemed warmer. I chose a spot by the little creek to just, sit. The water ran smoothly over the worn rocks that it had been running over for forever. The birds were singing now, not making noise, and the bugs seemed to have disappeared (no, I’m not going to exaggerate and say that the birds were SINGING THE BEAUTIFUL MELODIES OF LOVE). The trees seemed to dance along to this melodious tune. As my ears got more accustomed to the “silence,” I began to notice more and more things. A couple of squirrels playing in the leaves to my right, and a frog croaking and jumping into the stream to my left. I felt the wind moving around me, like a soothing caress. I wasn’t checking my phone every 10 seconds for notifications, nor was I snap chatting and sharing this experience with anyone else. This moment was solely mine.

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