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Some are commonly known like the Lamborghini, well like the name is common, but you never see it. Some are faster than the Lambo and Bugatti and never heard of, like the keoningsegg one:1. Some are for luxury like the Aston martin V12 Vantage and some are there so they can troll people like my last pic. Cars mean more to me than just a thing that takes you some take us to new limits help us to get to places faster and look awesome.

I love listening to fallout boy looking at memes and playing popular games such as minecraft, need for speed world CSR asphalt 8 and clash of clans.I also love that moment when you pause a video or movie at the right time so that it freezes in a funny face or position like bob up there.


A  guy long ago named Abacus made a calculator that could multiply divide add  and subtract.

later a man named Charles Babbage made machine that would calculate by using punch card and gears and wheels would do the basic things are computers do today input storage processes output. then in WWII the geniuses down in  DC  made a  machine called ENIAC that would calculate all the infantry numbers and Calvary numbers in the war.

then in the 1970's Steve jobs and his friend made a computer in their garage. later this computer would be sold to the public instead of just to the government receiving it.this started a new trend for computers and now more companies started selling home computers. soon dell, hp, apple, windows, and lenovo started to compete for the best computer.later bill gates invented Microsoft a company that would do great things with technology.

this is Steve jobs showing his companies new mobile computer also know as the iPhone 4s a computer thatwas made in 2008

computer components

computers rely on many different parts to get things done in a matter of seconds. some of the parts are:

  • motherboard
  • CPU
  • heat sink
  • power supply
  • optical drive
  • expansion slots
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • hard drive

These components work in the computer like the following.

Motherboard, holds all components together and contains buses that transfer the signals from part to part.

CPU, is the main part that allows the signals to activate and completing most of the computers commands.

The Heat Sink, takes all of the heat away from the CPU so when it starts to overheat the heat sink comes in and takes it away so that the computer has more time to compute and not overheat.

The Power Supply, gives electricity to all of the other components.

Optical Drive, holds the graphic data and displays the games DVDs and CD's.

The Expansion Slots, are piece where you can upgrade your computer by adding video cards more ROM and RAM

RAM, is short for random access memory this allows you to pull up things that aren't saved to your computer.

ROM, is short for read only memory this allows to you to view the thing that you have saved to your computer.

The Hard Drive, is the thing that is also like ROM it permanently saves everything to your computer even if you click the delete button.

internet searching

When searching the internet there is a few things to know about it before you can totally max out your search, you need to learn.

  • To be safe.
  • terms.
  • how to save sites.
  1. in the subject of being safe you should never meet online.
  2. never ever give out any info about yourself.
  3. never use your real name as a password or username.

terms to learn:

  1. Bookmark, let you save a web page so that you will teleport to it faster than searching it.
  2. Search engine, they are a webpage that will search millions of webpages and find your topic,question or key words.
  3. Icons,they are also buttons.
  4. Hyperlinks, if you click on them (they are blue) they will bring you to web page.
  5. Buttons, are a different form of hyperlink.

When you constantly go to a site that you love, you should bookmark or favorite it, how you do that is with a few steps.

  1. look at your address bar, do you see the star on the right.
  2. click it.
  3. you just bookmarked this page.
  4. then when you want to comeback to this page click the small folder to the far right and click the tackk, it should open up the page.


Although this sounds like a funny acronym this can save you grade saving assignments.

this double checks the websites that you are getting you info from.

by using this system we can have accurate facts and know if a website is fake or not, for example click the button.then use a the CRAAP system to evaluate it.

So where those websites fake or not.

Click the hyperlinked answer.

1/3 had correct facts.

2/3 had correct facts.

3/3 had correct facts.

Microsoft wORD

Word allows us to type or papers instead of writing them, it also has a few more features that will allow you to make your paper have bigger writing, highlighted text, bullited and numbered lists, and different style and text.

This document below shows you what a untouched word document looks like.

So first lets correct the spelling.

  1. Right click the word with a red underlining (red underling means misspelled).
  2. It should give you a menu so it will look like this.

Now select the word that you meant to type but misspelled like complete duck.

Now lets make this look more formal and neat, easy to read, and quick to find.

we will add in a bullited list.

  1. So first click on the home tab in the ribbon.
  2. Highlight all of the text you want bullited (right click and drsg from the first word to. the last).
  3. Click the bullited list button (location down below).

                                       | this is  where its located at (the bullited list button   .


Remember to go back and re-vise all of the of the text.

for example it doesn't find everything. (look at the statement below)

Excell speardsheets

Excel spreadsheets is one of many ways to make a graph or print out graph paper to make as a line plot.

A few things that you could do is.

  • paint pixelized pictures.
  • make graphs.
  • make tables and charts.

with this dandy app. you will be making professional charts in no time.

lets paint picters with excell

  1. Click the button that is in between the 1 row and the A column.
  2. Format button in the ribbon.
  3. Find column width.
  4. Type 2.25 in the box.

Sweet, now you should have squares in your excel chart (no nasty rectangles).

  1. Now you select a square you want to start your you painting on.
  2. Then drag to a differnet square.
  1. Now click on the paint bucket
  2. It should color all squares black
  3. Now you can use that skill to paint this

now you make a boring graph

You would love to enter your data but how would you do it.

Well lets do this.

  1. First you need to make sure that you have the required data (you silly goose).
  2. Now title the columns and rows.
  3. Then enter the data in the appropriate boxes below.

digital footprint

Your trying out for a job in aerospace engineering, this is a huge job (your applying to work  for NASA) and they say no because you got some bad pictures of you at parties, and they didn't like the party pictures.

So lets protect your digital footprint (everything that you post on the internet).

  1. Don't go to parties when you know that they will do drugs,alcohol,smoking, or any other thing that you should do in the first place.
  2. Post good things.
  3. Don't lie.
  4. Don't cause arguments.
  5. Don't do things that will be in the news or websites (they will look at it).


So your teacher says "alright kids lets make a project on a banana you could do it on the, the history, the taste, the popularity of the banana.".

You want to make the most beautiful PowerPoint ever so you put it together and it looks like this.

The things that are wrong with this slide.

  1. This is a TON of INFO.
  2. All spelled wrong.
  3. No pics or other artifacts.
  4. Needs a background.

So first lets reduce the words.

  1. So do you see the little bar at the bottom on the that says "Click to add notes".
  2. Enter in the more complex info in their and keep all of the basics on the slide.

Now lets make it more attracting.

  1. So lets add in some pics.
  • First go to bing and click license
  • Now select free to share and use.
  • Now find the picture that you want.
  • Right click it.
  • now select copy.
  • go to the slide that you want it on and right click and hit the picture button.

Lets add in a background.

  1. Go to the design tab.
  2. In the side ribbon select the first slide and hit shift and scroll thought the slides until you reach the last slide.
  3. Click the background that you choose.

digital citizenship

  • Be a good citizen and don't be mean like that.
  • Don't give away all of your information.
  • Make sure you follow copyright laws.
  • Don't use other peoples work and pretend like its your own.
  • Don't cyberbully.
  • And defiantly don't ask people things that could get you kicked of for good.


When typing you go pretty slow but when you use the home row system you get alot faster at typing.

These are my before and after scores when using it.

After using the home row system

the home row system assigns each finger 3-6 key.

  1. with the home row you put your left hand pinky on the A key.
  2. that should fall in line with your first finger touching the F key.
  1. now put your right hand pinky on the '/" key.
  2. your index finger should land on the J key.

great you learned the basics of home row now go to the link below to practice faster.