I.T Security Methods

This presentation will show you different ways to protect your computers.

There are many ways to protect  you devices.

System backups: This is were you backup any data on your device to a external hard drive.

Firewalls: This will stop anything that you don't know about getting access to your computer.

Encryption:This is a password but in code so that the average user doesn't find it easily.

Software Patches/ updates: This makes the your software hard to hack because of the latest technology on you computer.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware: This will delete any virus and spyware that you have on your computer.

Access rights: This gives certain people access to certain fills without but not to all of them

User IDs and passwords: This makes each and every person save by giving them certain permissions and ID they can then make the password safe by editing it

Access control methods: This is a physical way of giving access to a certain files or even door's.


There is no 100% guaranteed that these methods will keep your computer or devices save. For a example a system backup can get lost or damaged. Even though there is no way to guaranteed if you don't do this and your device's have an issue you can go to the backup and save you will be glad that you have something to fall back on and run. The anti-virus and anti-spyware will keep your computer safe from  anything from downloading and running a virus or tracking software. This will inform you that there is something doing this before it happens and kill or worse you device or server . It will also keep it from spreading to the other device though the server. Keeping your server and software up to date is crucial if these are not kept up to date it can be hacked into easier.  You can use a firewall to stopping anyone from sending and downloading anything without you knowing about This will save your computer and keep everything safe without having to worry about website security downloading without you knowing.