Wealth and Health

Celebrities can be role models, admirer by a lot of people and also be able to touch people. Some of them take for granted their fame and don’t necessarily take the opportunity that they have, to speak for the person that cannot be heard. But, there also are a lot of them who use there fame to do good things about it. For example, there are a lot of famous celebrities who are activists for HIV and AIDS awareness. This is a very good thing, because HIV/AIDS still is the STD that kills the most pore people in the world. And unfortunately, even in the wealthiest countries like the United States, people are still being affected by the virus. Why? By the lack of knowledge and medical care for the less fortunate, like the African American community. Indeed, 50% of the new infections are 25 to 49 years old in the African American community*.

Magic Johnson, a former basketball player, create a foundation after find out that he was seropositive, the Magic Johnson Foundation. The men behind that foundation was a former basketball player but was also an African American living with HIV, who publically quit the NBA after finding out about his seropositivity. So, being rich don’t necessary means that you are safe of anything. Yes, you can provide medical care but you still can be affected by something.


*A Closer Walk. Dir. Robert Bilheimer. 2000-2002 Woldwide Documentaries, 2002. DVD.

Image: Arogya, Dhan. ‘’Abhi Insurance and Investment Services.’’ http://abhiinsurance.blogspot.ca, Saturday, 26 May 2012. Web. 23 Avril 2014


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