Time Traveling in the Arabian Peninsula

Victoria Morelli

My Top Ten Tips for Living in the Arabian Peninsula~~


1. When traveling in the desert make sure it's in a group, and not by yourself.

2. When traveling in the desert, also make sure your whole body is covered, to protect yourself from the sun during the day.


3. If you are in the desert, and you see an oasis, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. You will need all the water you can get, and an oasis is a perfect chance to get what you need.

4. You can use palm leaves for shade, and palm wood can be used for houses and various tools.


5.  If you are traveling in the mountains, or if you live there, you will need to build terraces, to allow flat places for farming.

6. Also, it rains a lot in the mountains, so storing water is a good idea.

Coastal Plains

7. If you are in the coastal plains, deep wells and dams are important for irrigating the land.

8. Take any trade opportunity you find. The trade is very good out in the coastal plains.

Other Tips

9. The best place to build a town out in the desert is near an oasis. It will provide you with water, food, and good living conditions.

10. Desert nights are extremely cold. It may be burning hot during the day, but by the time the sun goes down, it could drop below freezing.