Innocent, Kind, Caring.

Hero's Motivations

Hero is a very sweet young lady that at first sight falls in love with Claudio. She has perseverance to look through the bad such as when Claudio confronts her of having sex before marriage but instead of committing suicide because her life was pretty much ruined she had perseverance to look through the bad.  QUOTE                             

Character Development

In Much ado About Nothing Hero is first saw when the soldiers came back from war in the beginning when she falls in love with Claudio. They were a perfect match for each other.QUOTE   

Impact on The Plot and Theme

Hero is a big impact in the story she is one of the main character even though she doesn't show up in the book that much. She is the loved and lover of Claudio which confronts her in front  of the whole city for supposedly sleeping with another guy the night before the marriage.

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