College and Career
6 period English 1
Antonio Banuelos
UC Davis

I choose UC  Davis because it is ranked 2nd in the United States in veterinarian schools and the reason i didn't choose number 1 was because they don't have a soccer program and UC Davis does.

U C Davis was founded in 1905 and started accepting student in 1908 it is 5,300 acres.UC Davis also enrolled 35,415in the fall of 2014.U C Davis has 231,297 living alumni with a degree.

U C Davis has four colleges  Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Letters and Science and 6 professional schools Education, Law, Management, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing . U C Davis also has 974 million dollars in there funding.

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Being a Vet

Salary:  the best salary for veterinarians is $167,600,Yearly is $71K per year,Hourly ranges from $50,016 - $106,749

Job Description:

The main task of a veterinarian is to examine animals to detect and determine their health status as well as diagnose any injuries or illnesses they may be afflicted with. A veterinarian must then be capable of providing treatment, advice, and/or prescriptions to treat whatever may be ailing the sick animal. If a veterinarian is unable to treat the animal himself or herself, then he or she must be able to refer the pet's owner to a specialist who can treat the animal. In addition to treating the animal, a veterinarian must be able to professionally interact with the pet's owner(s). He or she must be able to counsel pet owners regarding the best form of treatment, as well as provide calm assistance during difficult times for a family who may have to euthanize their pet. Will need 4 year college.

A primary source is John who is a veterinarian when he was asked "Tell me about your job. Is what you do different in any way from what others in your occupation do?" he answered  "I run my own veterinary practice. I provide veterinary services and educate clients. I feel that if a client understands his or her pet’s illness, he or she can treat it better and know what signs to look for.
I also do all the duties associated with running your own business, such as hiring and firing staff, scheduling, and bookkeeping. I have to make sure the money is coming in."

Another primary source is Christine and when asked the same question she answered " I own and manage a private practice. Thus, in addition to caring for the animals, I am responsible for hiring, firing, and supervising the staff, and for keeping track of the practice’s finances. In my day-to-day work, I try to emphasize both patient care and client education."

Letter of intent

Antonio Banuelos


El Paso, Texas, 79938


May 15, 2015

Claudia Flores

Baskins Robbins

12379 Edgemere Blvd.

El Paso, Texas, 79938

Dear Ms. Flores

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed in your restaurant. Please accept this letter and accompany resume as evidence to my interest in applying for this job. I feel my qualifying and my skills would prove to be an asset for your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my building career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would bring to the position. I am confident that these qualities make me an excellent candidate for this position. I am disciplined, great team worker, very willing and eager to learn things and exceptional at customer service. I would appreciate your considerations of my credentials, and I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the positions, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration



Antonio Banuelos


Antonio Banuelos

Career Objectives

I hope to excel at any task or job i have to do

Education History

Aug. 2014 - May 2015

El Dorado 9th Grade Acadamy
El Paso, Texas

Aug. 2011 - May 2014

Jane A. Hambric
middle school
El Paso, Texas

Volunteer Experience

Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2012

served food
El Paso, Texas

Awards & Certificates

» soccer award (May 2013)
» football award (May 2013)
» joining NJHS (May 2013)

Extracurricular Activities

Soccer, Football

Hobbies & Interests

» Video Games
» Football
» Soccer

Skills & Abilities

» Creative
» People person
» Problem-solver
» Team player

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