What can't it do?

Cobalt has tons of uses.  Cobalt is great to protect yourself, as it is poisonous and can be used as a bomb.  It can be used in vehicles, as plane or car engines,  or as a airbag.  If you need to power something, Cobalt is also a great alternative energy source.  It can also used in hearing aids, in art to make a shade of blue, in magnets, and in compasses.  It can boost your health as it is part of Vitamin B12, it is a potential Cancer cure, and the value is skyhigh because of all the potential uses.

Electrons: 27
Protons: 27
Neutrons: 32
Symbol: Co
Properties: Metallic Gray, Hard and Brittle, Poisonous, Flammable, Melts at 2723 Fahrenheit, Boils at 5301 Fahrenheit
Location: Transition Metal, Period 4, Group 9

Skills Ranks:
Biological : 4 Stars, because it is in Vitamin B12, and is a potential cancer cure
Social: It is pretty valuable
Functional: It is used to build, or is a part of tons of useful things
Defensive: It is poisonous, and can be used to make a bomb

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