Help Wanted: Surgeon

Physicians who treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive, minimially-invasive, or non-invasive surgical methods, such as using instruments, appliances, or by manual manipulation.

Detailed activities: Prepare case histories, and Examine patient to obtain information on medical condition and surgical risk.

Working conditions: Work in mostly public and private hospitals. very clean.

Work interest: Recognition

Work Values: able to investigate

Basic Skills: Good eye hand coordination, Able to focus for long periods of time, motivation and self discipline.

Minimum education level: Doctorates degree

Salary information: $187,200 or more

Experience in other fields: Nurse Practitioners and Anesthesiologists

Growth Potential: Projected growth (2012-2022) Much faster than average (22% or higher)

. Investigative — Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require an extensive amount of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems mentally.

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