I want to be an artist. But in my country it's not a popular job. They almost don't earn money! In my country our people don't care the artists. So, students don't choose this job. They choose the job which can earn money to them.

If you want to be an artist you should have a big imagination. If you ask me I don't have a big imagination but I study for this. I read books, watch movies and think of course. You should know what is happening on earth and you have a thought. You are be able tell it to the people with you art and you should be affected them with this. You should think them more.

In my country most of people think art is a meaningless thing. They don't even think what they look. This is sad. Art as important as science and we need art. We can show our feelings with art.

These are some paintings from Mustafa Ayaz. He is a really great artist. His paintings are amazing. You should take a look them!

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