Digital Access   (Ethan Nguyen)

Digital Access is a privilege to use because not everyone has access to it.

We need to take responsibility with our digital access because not everyone has access to it. We need to take care of it.

We need to not abuse digital access because it could be taken with a blink of an eye if we bully or give someone a bad reputation.

Digital Commerce

We have to be careful on what we buy online.

If you have been on a market website, like amazon, ebay, etc, you might run into a scam or person who tries to steal your info about you, like your email address, your address to your house, your passwords, and more.

You have to be careful about the info you give out to websites that ask you to give your email address, your name, your house location, your passwords, etc. Stop and think what you are giving out.

Digital Communication

You need to stop and think about what you say

Digital Communication can be amazing in ways, you can text to your friends that are far away from you, you can play games together not even having to be in your house, etc. But it has very other purposes that are evil.......

Some people take use of this and they can spam you, heart your feelings, or even try to make you meet them in the middle of town! So stop and think what you open, read, or post. Don't spam other people or heart their feelings. If you are being spammed or heart, just ask an adult and block it.

Digital Literacy (part 2)

This is where we learn how to use technology.

We need to learn how to use technology. If we don't, we wouldn't know what do do in the modern world.

So we need to pay attention to lessons or tips about the technology we use today in the modern world. It will be embarrassing if you were the only person that didn't know how to make a tackk or website.

Digital Etiquette

We need to be respectful online

Digital Etiquette is very important, we need to be respectful online or we could get in SERIOUS TROUBLE!

We need to be careful what we say online just like digital communication. We need to be careful on what other people say too. It is pretty much everything in digital communication but more strict. It also ties in with our digital citizenship to, what you say now can effect your future forever.


Digital Law


You need to be VERY CAREFUL online. Do not copy any writing without giving the person who actually wrote it credit. You could be arrested.

Also be respectful online and do not make people mad, THEY CAN REPORT YOU AND YOU WILL GET IN TROUBLE!

You can go to court or jail for doing wrong online

Digital Rights And Responsibilities (part 3)

Everyone has rights online, so don't abuse your's.

Don't be rude or abusive online. Other people have rights online too. It is important that we don't make fun of or comment something rude about things they have posted.

Other people HAVE RIGHTS! So don't say that they don't. The have the right to post what they want to post, and if it is something bad, that was their mistake and can get in a lot of trouble.

Digital Health And Wellness

This is to see if you are being safe and healthy online

You need to keep a clean profile online or you can't get some jobs or do other things.

You need to take care of yourself and your device to be healthy and well

Digital Security


In order to stay save online you need to be cautious. There are hackers, viruses, bugs, and a lot more stuff to steal info about you and mess up your device!

So be cautious of popups, adds, or things that always ask for your name, number, address, email address and passwords, and more private info about you. Ask an adult if it is okay to open an email.

protect you and your info