The Importance of Cholestoral, LDL, and HDL

By: Max Babb

What are LDL & HDL? LDL is the most main cholesterol, it is  low-density lipoprotein.  LDL is most likely to clog blood vessels because it carries the cholesterol away from the liver. HDL is high-density lipoprotein where it carries it carries the cholesterol back to the liver.

Why do doctors monitor HDL and LDL in patients blood? They do this so doctors can measure your cholesterol level and to see if you are at any risk of getting a heart disease.

How are the concentrations of LDL and HDL associated with the risk for heart disease?  LDL is actually happens to be the main source of artery clogging plaque, while HDL works to clear cholesterol from the blood.

What other molecules in a patients blood are monitored along with HDL and LDL? The other molecules are your blood sugar levels, Triglycerides, and your total cholesterol  

What does the results of a cholesterol test mean? It will first show your cholesterol level then it will show your HDL. These results often can tell doctors what your risk of heart disease is.

What can patients do to change their levels of HDL and LDL? Patients can change their HDL and LDL levels by exercising regularly and changing their diet so it fits appropriately.

How does intake of unsaturated fat, saturated, and trans fat affect cholesterol levels? The more unsaturated fat, saturated, and trans fat you eat will poorly affect your cholesterol levels and will also poorly affect your health. This is why you want to watch what you eat.

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LDL and HDL and how they differ structurally

Cholesterol levels

Concentration levels of LDL and HDL related with risk of heart disease

Other molecules that are monitored along with HDL and LDL

Doctor talking to patient about their cholesterol levels

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